Anshuman Fauzdar

Mechatronics Engineer


About Me!

Learning Stuff

Starting with basics and making small efforts to learn and make stuff


Sharing knowledge and ideas with others helps is growing and development!


Github have provided a great platform for makers and DIY enthusiasts!


Mainly focused on IOT linked projects dealing with machine vision and automation related projects!

Finalising Product

Working on ideas to make product smaller and efficient in size for better help to others and making projects in efficient way

Product Development

Including product research, UI, UX, PCB development, 3D hardware development, rapid prototyping and everything from start to finish

Models which I designed in solidworks

Camera Lite

Automated Surface Visual Inspection


Room Table

3D models printed on my Voxelab Aquila Printer

Calibration Cubes

Razerblade pendrive Publishings

Writing my day to day experience!

My Tweets :)

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